Terms of Sale

Agreement to Automated Recurring Orders (Autoship & Membership Renewals)

Naturally Plus USA, Inc. (“NPUSA”) offers Affiliates the option to purchase core products on an Autoship basis. (Super Lutein, IZUMIO, MIRTO+). Autoship is a monthly automated recurring order of selected products. Affiliates also initiate and maintain their membership (annual fee of $30), which provides exclusive access to their back office and personal marketing website, for a duration of one year immediately after joining as an Affiliate. Affiliates will have the option to purchase ancillary/additional products as well (Aurage and LIFTANT).

Products/Service Offered as Automated Recurring Orders

Super Lutein - $118.00 + Tax
IZUMIO - $127.00 + Tax
MIRTO+ - $178 + Tax
Affiliate Membership Renewal Fee - $30 + Tax

Frequency of Recurring Charges

Super Lutein / IZUMIO / MIRTO+ Autoship – charged once a month to the preset payment method (credit or debit card) on the registration anniversary date of each month. For example, if you register as an Affiliate on January 15th, your Autoship date will be the 15th of each month. Your credit or debit card will be charged on the 15th of February, March, April and so on. If Autoship is turned on at a different date as the registration date, the charge will be made on the following registration anniversary date. For example, if Autoship was turned on January 21st, the credit or debit card will be charged on February 15th.

If autoship and/or renewal fee falls on a weekend or a holiday, the autoship and/or renewal fee will be charged on the business day prior to the weekend or holiday.

Affiliate Membership Renewal Fee of $30 + tax will be automatically charged once a year to the preset payment method (credit or debit card) on the month and date of registration of each year. For example, if you register January 15th, 2015, you will automatically be charged $30 on January 15th, 2016.
*Charges will appear from npusainc.com on your bank statement.

Delivery of Products/Service

As soon as the order is placed, NPUSA will automatically send out the request to the fulfillment vendor to begin processing of the order. All NPUSA products will be shipped within 2 business days and will be scheduled for shipping between 1 – 9 days (for continental U.S. and Hawaii only) depending on the courier and shipping used. For members in Alaska, orders will be scheduled for shipping between 5 - 14 business days. Pickup option is available for 7 business days from date of purchase (Nevada and Hawaii). Products not retrieved within the 7 days will be cancelled and returned.

Method of Cancellation

In order to cancel an Autoship you can either access your account through your back office to turn off Autoship or email or call Customer Service at info@npusainc.com or 1-800-378-0321. Cancellation of Autoship does not affect your membership status with NPUSA. The Affiliate membership renewal fee of $30 + tax will be charged regardless of your Autoship status.
In order to cancel your membership, which will automatically cancel Autoship and the renewal fee charge of $30, please email or call Customer Service at info@npusainc.com or 1-800-378-0321. You will be sent an online form to confirm your voluntary intention to cancel/terminate your NPUSA membership.


Caitlin Alexander

I am a mother of a toddler and an infant, passionate about healthy alternatives and natural wellness. I was turned onto NPUSA and the amazing products in January 2018. I've continued to use Izumio and Super Lutein, regularly, since, and have been so amazed and relieved from their benefits. I'd love to be of service-- to introduce these products and this integral company-- as I believe this opportunity is beneficial for all.